Free Wards:

Tow wards consisting of 26 beds (14 female and 12 male ) are totally free. In fact these wards are the HEART and SOUL of the hospital, where not only all operations are performed free but medicines are also provided free of cost. The trustees have never lost sight of the fact that the hospital was basically built for the treatment of the POOR People.

Private Wards:

This ward also consists of 26 beds. This ward is reserved for those patients who do not deserve zakat and not want to be operated upon free. At the same time they can neither afford the full charges of the hospital nor their fee of the doctor. Such patients are given special remission of 75% of their expenses. In other words only 25% of the total expenses are charged from them.

Deluxe / Private Rooms:

In this hospital, 20 deluxe / private rooms have been constructed to create financial sources for the hospital in these rooms private patients are charged full expenses involved in their treatment. In these rooms the private patients of the doctors are admitted. Therefore, doctors are allowed to settle and receive their fee from such patients. The hospital does not charge any share from this fee. However; rent for the room, laboratory expenses, admission fee and operation theatre charges are recovered to meet other expenses of the hospital.