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Being used extensively as an extender, as an opacifying agent in emulsion paint. Imparts Brightness. As a polishing agent in window and mirror cleaners and polishes. In powder coatings. In emulsion as extender to the main pigment to increase dry hiding power and brightness. As an antisettling agent. In solvent based paint for higher power.


Paper comprises a meshwork of cellulose fibers which are filled with fine mineral particles like caco3 to maximize opacity as well as to make the finished paper brighter, whiter, smoother, receptive to ink, lightweight and cheaper.

From a mineral additive viewpoint there are four major paper grades comprising mechanical papers, both coated and uncoated, and woodfrees, again both coated and uncoated. Calcium carbonate can constitute 5 to 50% of the formulation and is invariably blended with kaolin as a glossing clay since carbonate coated paper is dull (printing and writing paper).

As a filler and coating agent. It improves and use across a wide spectrum of applications to enhance the brightness, smoothness, opacity and ink receptiveness. control of burning rate in cigarette paper. As cost-effective filler in alkaline sized papers giving high brightness and opacity.


Plastics are usually classified as thermoplastics (those that can be reshaped and remolded) and thermosetting plastics (permanently shaped). Calcium carbonate, often stearate coated to enhance dispersion, acts as a pigment and reduces the demand for the polymer, particularly in thermoplastics.

Loading of 5% to 35% are common in PVC sheet, pipe, window profiles, cables and 10% to 40% in polypropylene (automotive, garden furniture, household appliances). Some of the major applications are;

Thermo set molded application 20 to 200 parts CaCO3 per 100 parts resin: auto front sections, dashboards, auto parts, bodies, pleasure and commercial boats, building panels in plumbing equipment, tubs, shower enclosures, furniture parts, electrical appliances, pipes.

As a Filler. It improves flexural modulus, surface finish impact strength, provides better hardness and controls polymer viscosity. Used as a filler in rigid & plasticized PVC. It further improves impact strength and facilitates smooth Extrusion of plastic. As a filler in PVC footwear, wire and cable compounds/PVC film to improve surface gloss and other physical properties. As a filler in synthetic leather cloth sheeting.


As a reinforcing filler both in natural and synthetic rubber goods. imparts stiffness to non-cured rubber products. Reinforcing filler in natural and synthetic rubber for Tyre / Tube applications as well. As slippers, soles, straps to improve strength as well as whiteness while reducing total costs.


A major ingredient in cattle feed as a calcium supplement and as a part of staple diet of cattle feed. Used as necessary calcium supplement as well as a part of staple dierts of cattle. Calcium carbonate is also used as a major ingredient in cattle feed.


As a filler and pigment in sealants, adhesives and putties. Also used as a sealant for construction and insulation glass application. In PVC plastisols as rheology modifiers for car under body, Application on polyurethane, polysulphide and silicon. Also used as sealants for construction and insulation glass applications as rheology modifier giving slump control.


As a neutralize agent, in filtration and in anti-biotics used as a calcium source, as an antacid and as a bulking agent in making tablets. usage applications include neutralization and filtration aid in antibiotic manufacture, as a calcium source, as an antacid, and as a bulking agent in making tablets.


As and extender to control strength. used as an extender in printing inks to control strength & body of ink.


As a cleaning and polishing agent. An essential ingredient in powder and paste as a cleaning and polishing agent used for its abrasion property in toothpowder / toothpaste.


As a perfume extender to increase fluffiness and control absorption also used in depilatory creams and in face powder as perfume carrier. in sunscreen preparations.

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